How to prevent and control problems for construction of scaffolding

Time: 2019-06-10
Summary: How to prevent and control problems in scaffolding construction: such as elements and accessories.
Elements and accessories.            

Steel tubes and couplers are two major accessories in the steel tubular scaffolding with couplers. Compared with former standard, the  standard changes requirements on steel tube diameter and wall thickness. And also there is definite requirements that each steel tube shall be no more than 25kg for the quality. As it is hard to check the all safety data of each steel tube maximum quality and construction working staff and monitors are neglect when checking the diameters and wall thickness. In order to meet requirements, check each steel tube’s diameter and thickness and make timely replacement if any defects found.

Select one by one the compulsory regulations for the tube and clamp scaffolding and check whether or not if the space between two swivel face of the scaffolding coupler is less than 1mm.

Choose the tying material of No. 8 galvanized steel wire or tempered steel wire for scaffolding with couplers as other material is not adequately strong to assure the load bearing capacity.

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