Is there any risk during the erection o scaffolding with couplers

Time: 2019-06-06
Summary: There are many reasons for the risk of setting up scaffolding.
Yes of course and there are multiple reasons causing these risks to happen.
1     Working staff without approved licenses or lack safety consciousness or erection methods are not in the load bearing way regulated in the design schemes.

2     The transverse lines and longitudinal lines are not adequate enough or the space between the lines are too large; the perpendicular ratio of supporting braces is too large.

3     The fastening torque force of the scaffold double clamp is too small so the whole supporting system of the scaffolding coupler has not been effectively connected.

4     The usage of backing plate, base plate and head jack is not right according to regulations and the length of base plate and head jack is extended at will without any relative reinforcing measures.

All the erection shall be done by professional staff and the builders shall carry working certificates as the working on scaffolding platform is specially dangerous. 

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