Dealing measures of construction safety risks on scaffolding with couplers

Time: 2019-06-06
Summary: Measures to deal with the safety risks of scaffolding construction with couplers, such as how to take measures against the deformation of the support surface.
Risks during site construction period : Deformation of the supporting surface.

Reason analysis: supporting surface of the formwork standing tubes isn’t tamped or reinforced according to the requirements and regulations so the bearing capacity can not afford to meeting the required level; or the supporting surface of standing tube doesn’t treated with drainage measures and the ground foundation doesn’t sink smoothly and uniformly. It is more possible for such foundation to crack down; or there is a lack of steel base plate or wood plate or the back plate is smaller than standard size.

How to take counter measures?

Take rigorous inspections over the steel tubes, scaffolding coupling quality and strengthen the maintenance measures including anti-rustic consideration. The prior inspection shall go to the steel tubes, the coupler production license to avoid any counterfeit or poor qualified reinforced steel bar flowing into the site process. Check the wall thickness and appearance according to the regulation of no smaller than 3mm. Return all the unqualified products which are cracked, deformed, eroded or broken.

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