Key points for the calculation of steel tubular scaffolding with couplers

Time: 2019-06-06
Summary: Key points for the calculation of steel tubular scaffolding with couplers: Ledger、Connecting scaffolding coupler、Standing tube、Tie member、Style steel
Ledger: strength and rigidity

Connecting scaffolding coupler: anti-skid capacity and load bearing capacity

Standing tube: stability ratio

Tie member: strength, stability and connection strength

Style steel: cantilevered beam calculation

Regular calculation standards:  Safety technological codes of steel tubular scaffolding with girder coupler scaffolding for the project construction; codes of the building structure load and the design code of the steel structure.

e.g :the standard value of the self weight working load is 39.7 N/M if the quality of the steel tube with a size of 48.3*3.6m is 3.97N/M. variable load: which can be neglected during the construction if there is any change even if compared with an average value, including the weight of the working staff and equipment as well as the wind load and elements including the scaffolding coupler.

How to design the working load value- multiply the standard working load value by the partial coefficient; the one of the permanent working load is 1.2 and that of the variable working load is 1.4. Composite coefficient of two or above variable working load is 0.9 ( wind with uniform distributed working load.)

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