The building construction and requirements of the cantilevered scaffolding

Time: 2019-05-31
Summary: The building construction and requirements of the cantilevered scaffolding
All the tubes and braces of steel tubular scaffolding shall use qualified steel couplers and it is forbidden to lead wires or other material for the fixation. Scaffolding braces and tubes material can not be mix steel with wood.

All the braces and accessories of scaffolding system shall be checked and inspected before the erection and building. Unqualified scaffolding tubes and their accessories can not be accepted. Building process: around scaffolding shall erect from one corner to other two sides in a circle way. I shape scaffolding erection shall start from one end to the other end.

The over lapping length of steel scaffolding tube for sale shall be 10cm to avoid slip of the scaffolding tube and braces. The integral connection tubes and braces including the diagonal braces and bridging braces shall erect along with the rise up of the scaffolding frames.

The free height above the tie member on the building top of the scaffolding system shall be no more than 6cm. If the working platform is higher 2 spans or 4m than the tie members below, and there is no tie member above, take temporary supporting and connection measures appropriately.

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