How to use scaffolding system in accordance with regulations

Time: 2019-05-30
Summary: Use the scaffolding system as required, and the work platform load value should be as specified, and the precautions when removing the scaffolding.
The construction load value on per 1m2 frame surface of the working platform shall not bigger than regulation: for the construction load from workers on the platform and the equipment and materials shall be 3KN/m2 and that of the decoration scaffolding shall be 2KN/m2. One piece of the construction equipment shall be no more than 1KN and the self value of the scaffolding including working force on the frame and all the instruments shall be no more than 2.5KN.

During the working period, workers shall take care of the self safety and others to avoid any collision, mistakes and falling down. No playing or resting on the frame and guardrails where it is not safe.

When removing the scaffold, the loose scaffolding tube and accessory shall be timely remove away to avoid holding and leaning on it by mistake. The removed scaffolding tube sales and accessory shall be unload from the scaffolding in a safe way and no throwing from the scaffold frame.

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