Do you know how to build the outside cantilevered scaffolding

Time: 2019-05-30
Summary: How to construct outer cantilever scaffolding and routine maintenance and safety management of cantilever scaffolding
Cantilevered outside scaffolding is featured in simple structure and easy operation, which can cut off the usage of steel scaffolding pole and scaffolding tube and working labor, winning most of the projects choice. So there is no doubt that the application of cantilevered scaffolding is fast increasing.

How to build the cantilevered scaffolding in a right order?
Construction preparation---alignment adjustment---pre-embed the anchor ring---install the propping structure of the cantilevered scaffolding---erect the vertical brace---fix the longitudinal bottom reinforcing tube with the scaffolding standing tubes---build the vertical bottom reinforcing tubes---erect the horizontal flat tubes---install the tie members---install the bridging braces---tie colorful belts and set safety net--- planking scaffolding boards and toe board to avoid any falling down.

How to do the daily maintenance and safety management of the cantilevered scaffolding?
Keep tidy and beautiful on the outside and the tying of the safety nets shall be stable and tight. Without approval there shall be no dismantlement or removal. Once any removal done, reinstall them immediately. If any broken occur, make repairing and replace immediately.

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