What are the risks in the erection of scaffolding system

Time: 2019-05-29
Summary: What are the risks in the erection of scaffolding system: Ground foundation parameter risks;Structural setting risks .
Ground foundation parameter risks: The ground foundation parameter, if it is too bigger than the right value or leave out the weather influence when design such as the rain water erode the ground base, or the uplifting of the underground water leads to the weakening of the ground load bearing capacity; the tamping of the ground isn’t strong enough to meet the load bearing requirement.

How to solve this problem: taking the foundation pit excavation into consideration, refilling the land after the basic construction.

Structural setting risks: if the scheme design do not include the plane supporting drawing of the steel scaffolding tube formworks and its elevation drawing along with its structural detailed drawings. During the setting, it can add the horizontal strengthening level, densely vertical bridging braces to meet high rise formwork supporting system requirements. Set steel bracing plate and backing wood of the size of 75*150mm. At the same time, the supporting system shall be connecting to the cast structure to keep the whole body to a stable state.

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