How to set scaffolding system in the high rise building construction.

Time: 2019-05-29
Summary: How to set scaffolding system in the high rise building construction.
The scaffolding system shall set 1.5 m above the top of the building or the working platform and add guardrails. It is forbidden to remove any couplers, aluminum scaffolding tube, scaffolding boards or spigot joints after the erection of scaffolding tube system has been finished. If there is an inevitable need, the remove activities shall be approved by site supervisors and take effective measures afterward. Reinstall all the elements once the process has been finished.

Before the application of scaffolding which has been finished being built, it shall be checked and inspected by responsible personnel and accepted by filling lists. Prepare maintenance work and inspection during the construction procedure. If any abnormal or malfunction detected, report to supervisors immediately and make timely reinforcing methods.

If the building ground is not solid and smooth enough, prepare and put backing base plates under to make the foundation to a balanced state. And the ground foundation shall be strong enough to bear all the working load from the scaffoldings and pressure during the working process. 

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