Quality requirements on the erection of high rise scaffolding.

Time: 2019-05-29
Summary: The quality requirements for overhead scaffolding erection are as follows.
All the materials used in the erection of high rise scaffolding shall comply with quality requirements.
1    The ground foundation for the high rise scaffolding shall be solid and sturdy. The calculation of the load bearing capacity shall go prior to that of the erection work. Make drainage treatment when the construction requirements and regulation have been satisfied.

2    Erection technology shall comply with and originate from relevant regulations.

3    Highlights each structure in the high rise structure, the bridging braces, the spigot joints and all of them shall set in accordance with requirements.

4    Horizontal closure: starting from the first span to fully planks the scaffolding boards every two or three spans along the length direction of the scaffolding tube system. The joints shall be overlapped on the ledgers and it is forbidden to have any blanking boards. It shall set backing boards at the bottom between the kwikstage scaffolding tube and wall body every five spans.

5    Vertical closure: starting from the second to fifth span, each span shall set handrails and toe boards with a height of 1m inside the outside standing tubes.

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