How to set the tubes and pins in frame scaffolding system

Time: 2019-05-29
Summary: How to set the tubes and pins in frame scaffolding system
It is forbidden to use steel frame scaffolding and elements which are not in the same kind of scaffolding system. The assembly of the scaffoldings upside and downside shall set spigots and locking arms and the installation of the reinforcing elements and diagonal  bridgings shall be simultaneous to the erection of whole scaffolding structure.

Both the inside and outside of the frame scaffolding shall set crossing braces and locked them to the locking pins on standing tubes. If there is any need to remove the crossing braces during the construction, set flat frame on both up and downside of the frame scaffoldings. And reinstallation of the crossing brace shall be done when the construction process is finished to make sure the whole stability of the frame scaffolding structure.

The protection of the whole frame scaffolding body. The outside of the working platform, according to the scaffolding board protection requirements, shall set two guardrails and toe boards to prevent any falling from the platforms including working staffs and building materials. The outside of the scaffolding frame shall be protected with dense mesh which is tied to the scaffolding tubes. 

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