Construction scheme for the frame scaffolding supporting formwork system.

Time: 2019-05-28
Summary: Quality requirements for construction of frame scaffolding support formwork system and key points of construction process。
Quality requirements:
1     The ground surface shall be smooth and solid enough. If the construction is carried out on the non-layer structure, then the ground surface shall be tamped and back the upper bottom of the erection surface with 50mm thick base plate.
2     The perpendicular tolerance of the first floor of the frame scaffolding and that of the standing tubes within two directions shall be within 2mm, and the horizontal tolerance on the top shall be within 5mm.
3     The elevation tolerance of stories shall be no more than 10mm.
4     The height difference of two adjacent formwork boards shall be no more than 2mm.
5     The required arch camber below the beam shall be 0.2%.
6     The construction process:For the frame scaffolding.
Put the base wood- set alignment to put the base plate-build the scaffolding h frame from one end and add horizontal reinforcing tubes-repeat the process aforementioned on upper levels-add long bridging braces outside to improve the overall rigidity-erect tray and jacking, and then add ridges on the beams and plates. 

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