Tips for the erection of wall formwok in frame scaffolding system

Time: 2019-05-28
Summary: Techniques for erecting wall formwork in frame scaffolding systems: assembly of components, precautions for wall formwork erection, etc.
Process for assembly of frame scaffolding parts: Check before the erection-prepare for the erection-the first lift of formwork-the vertical ridge-adjust if they are flat and vertical enough-erect the second and the third lifts of formwork-tie the reinforcing steel bar-install the wall piercing bolts-install the flat ridges and then adjust the formwork to be horizontal and vertical enough.

Precautions for the erection of wall formwork in the frame scaffolding system.
The assembly of the formwork shall start from the corner and then to the two directions which are perpendicular to each other so as to reduce the temporary supporting equipment. Or the cautions shall be taken every now and then if there is any need to change or add supporting braces to make sure the formwork system in a stable state.

After the assembly of the formwork plates, there shall erect the vertical ridges and fix them to the formwork boards with bolts with hooks or nails. If the ridges are not long enough, add length  to the end with same quantity ridges at the extending joints. 

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