How to check if the stability of formwork complies with requirements.

Time: 2019-05-28
Summary: Check whether the stability of the template meets the requirements: for example, the calculation of the bearing capacity of the frame scaffold riser foundation
The calculation of load bearing capacity on ground foundation of the frame scaffolding standing tubes:
The calculation details include such followings: the average pressure on the ground foundation of frame scaffolding and formwork supporting; the standard value of the axial force on a set of frame scaffolding from the total frame scaffolding body; the feature value of load bearing capacity of the ground after verification; K  of the verification coefficient of the load bearing capacity of the ground base. The supporting structure computing of the cantilevered structure in the mobile frame scaffolding.

When the supporting structure of the cantilevered scaffolding adopts style steel beam, it shall do following calculations:
The overall bending strength, stability and the deflection of the style steel. The anchors of the cantilevered beams and their fixing strength. The load bearing capacity of the building structure with the style steel cantilevered beams.

The bridging ledgers of he frame scaffolding shall comply regulations:
When the erection height of the frame scaffolding is or below 24 meters, there shall set a set of bridging braces around the corner, at the both ends and outside vertical surface with a frame space no more than 15 meters. 

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