The new technology codes of construction frame scaffolding with steel tubes.

Time: 2019-05-27
Summary: New technical specifications for construction frame scaffolding steel pipes.
It consists of frames, cross bracings, spigots, hanging type scaffolding boards, locking arms, and base plates. There are some optional accessories including the bottom reinforcing tubes, the bridging braces, and horizontal reinforcing ledgers. The scaffolding body is fixed to the building body with tie members to form a solid steel tubular scaffolding kind.

The variable loads of the frame scaffolding and the formwork support shall includes such details:

1     The construction load of the frame scaffolding: weights of the working staffs, materials and machines on the working platforms.
2     The variable weight of the formwork support in the door frame scaffoldings: the working staffs and machines on the platforms, and the also the super high accumulation of concrete and the tamping vibration on the concrete.
3     The wind load.
4     The weight of the safety nets, the bamboo fence, the guardrails, and the supporting beam of the scaffolding platform shall be determined according to real application purpose.
5    The standard value of the formwork frame weight, and that of the formwork and formwork supporting beam shall be determined according to the real frame and formwork structures.

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