Application of frame scaffoldings and its precautions.

Time: 2019-05-27
Summary: Application of frame scaffolding and its preventive measures, including its product features, safety。
Product features: 
Safety:all the products use high strength and high frequently welded steel tubes as regulated in the JIS G3444 material. And all of these are controlled and managed by advanced processing arts and strict managing rules, which are tested and inspected before put into real use.

In order to make sure the enough long working time of the frame scaffolding, they will be hot dipped galvanized both inside and outside to improve the total anti-rust ability so as to elongate the overall working time of the scaffolding frame. 

As a matter of fact, the frame scaffolding has play the role of frame in the building constructions to the best as it has the best stability and the smoothest passages. It creates a unit and safety working environment for the workers so they feel reassured when they are working with it.Superiority: the main frame scaffoldings are processed with hot dipped galvanization and adopt the high strength steel material.

So each of them is light weighted and low cost with a rather higher endurance. There is no need to paint on it as it has already been galvanized. Another bundle of work force can also be saved. 

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