Comparison between frame scaffolding and steel tubular scaffolding.

Time: 2019-05-27
Summary: Compare frame scaffolding and steel pipe scaffolding from two aspects of construction efficiency and safety.
Construction efficiency:
Frame scaffolding: It is easy to erect and remove the frame scaffolding with a construction efficiency 2-3 times higher than normal traditional steel tubular scaffolding. And the working tense is relatively lower in such scaffolding kinds.

Steel tubular scaffolding: it is heavy and clumsy to erect and remove the traditional steel tubular scaffolding as there are more couplers. Its construction efficiency is lower with a higher working force.

Safety: Frame scaffolding: each standing tubes in galvanized frame scaffoldings can bear a working load of more than 24kKN, which is 2.5 times of the traditional steel tubular scaffolding. The frame scaffolding has a sound and reasonable structure with higher safety ratio of 90%. Theoretically, the erection height of the scaffolding can not be over 60meters; if exceeding this height, there shall erect another triangular brackets to build a working tower.

Steel tubular scaffolding: Each standing tubes in the traditional steel tubular scaffolding can bear a working load of more than 10KN and its safety ratio is very low. According to regulations, the assembly height of scaffolding shall be no more than 30meters; and if it is higher than 30 meters, there shall use double steel tubes at the bottom to sustain.

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