Erection scheme of the steel structure super high mobile frame scaffolding.

Time: 2019-05-27
Summary: The installation plan of steel structure ultra-high moving frame scaffolding should consider several factors, the structure should be strong, the material can be recycled, etc.
1 Several factors shall be taken into consideration when choosing the erection scheme of frame scaffolding.
The structural design of the frame body shall be strong and reliable enough to sustain the working load and of course with a reasonable cost.

2 The frame scaffolding shall be able to meet anticipated safety and endurance within regulated time limit and under certain conditions. All of these device shall be able to make the construction easier.

3 When choosing materials, it shall use ordinary and recyclable kind to make the afterward maintenance easier.

4 When choosing types, the load bearing parts shall be clear enough to make the structure strong enough to take any working force. All the structures shall be easy to move and dismantle and also for inspection.

For the frame scaffolding including the ladder style scaffolding frame, its erection process includes making alignment and set base plate, using bottom reinforcing tube to fix the trundles, setting the frame scaffolding from one side and then installing the crossing braces. Steps following are vertical frames, bracing, and then the bridging ledgers.

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