How to prepare the ground foundation for standing tubes?

Time: 2019-05-25
Summary: Three important recommendations for preparing the foundation for the riser are erected to a height of less than 25 cm or between 25 cm and 50 cm.
The ground foundation for standing tubes shall comply with regulations in the schemes and plans.

A     When the erection height is less than 25cm, the ground shall be tamped and leveled to a flat level and then plank thick wood plate scaffolding planks witha a thickness of 5cm. If the wood scaffolding planks are 2m in length, they shall be placed vertically to the wall. And if 3m long, parallel placed to the wall.

B     When the erection height is between 25-50m, design the foundation treatment methods according to the ground endurance ratio on site or use refilling and stamping methods level by level to meet the base requirements. The refilling can be wood backing or add another layer of  20cm thick residue and the set concrete plate on the top and then top the plate of No. 12-16 groove steel.

C      it is not advisable to direct put the standing tubes onto the scaffold boards or the working load bearing capacity of the backing plates will be altered accordingly. It is easier for the deliverance of working load with a structure of back board scaffolding below. 

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