How about the safety property of 30’’ scaffolding planks?

Time: 2019-05-23
Summary: Introduction to the safety of 30' scaffolding planks
As it has been tested that the safety property of the steel scaffolding planks are much higher than that of the wood and bamboo scaffolding planks, so are the prior advantages.

Much more turning over frequency than that of the wood and bamboo planks. Lower cost than or rather the same cost of the woo scaffolding planks. Much higher stability of the steel scaffolding planks without being influenced by the temperature and humidity.

For the 30’’ scaffolding planks, it have a weight 1.5-2 times less than that of the wood scaffoldings planks and it is much lighter when in the rainy days as the wood planks will suck in water and there is no anti-skidding assurance in such wood planks. When erecting scaffolding frames, generally speaking, it needs two people to carry one wood planks but one worker can carry 2-4 pieces of steel scaffolding planks at one time, so the working efficiency is raised greatly.

And a solid performance of the metal plank can also reduce the total usage of the scaffolding plank numbers. 

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