The manufacturing process of hot dipped galvanized scaffolding planks.

Time: 2019-05-22
Summary: The manufacturing process of hot dipped galvanized scaffolding planks.
The process of manufacturing the galvanized scaffolding planks includes flatting, divided rolling, punching holes, pressing for molding, auto welding at the molded parts, cutting, welding of the reinforced plate, and painting the welded points. The scaffolding products manufactured by such process are for sure with high quality as the reasonability of the producing process. For the auto welding craft, the welding points shall be smooth and solid.

The steel scaffolding planks can be used not only for the ship manufacturing and repairing industries, but also the construction industry, petroleum operating platforms. It is essential for the steel scaffolding planks to strengthen anti-skidding properties to assure the safety of the working staff working at height. as the friction ratio of steel is much smaller than that of the wood material.

The anti-skidding methods taken by ZHONGHONG include, the working platform will be no smaller than 60cm in width and there are concave and convex holes on the surface of the planks within a range of 30cm; the concave holes are for the purpose of anti-accumulation of water and convex design is for the anti-skidding purpose. And take into consideration the two feet standing on the planks when designing the anti-skid holes. 

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