TIANDI hot dipped galvanized steel plank in real construction application.

Time: 2019-05-17
Summary: Hot dipped galvanized steel plank in real construction application.
TIANDI scaffolding products system includes the tubular scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding, frame scaffolding and the ringlock bracing scaffolding system. The development momentum of Chinese construction formwork techniques.

Reducing the emission and saving energy are the trends and aims pointed out by the government. In order to meet with the change requirements of national economy development model, the scaffolding planks in the national scaffolding market will change from the bamboo and wood material to the hot dipped scaffolding planks.

Manufacturing process and features of TIANDI hot dipped scaffolding system board.
Hot dipped galvanized scaffolding planks are assisting equipment in the whole scaffolding erection system used in the ship industry, repairing related industries and the constructions, the factory workshops and boiler rooms. TIANDI is facile with internationally advanced auto assembly line of C type steel pressing machine which offer a relatively high speed in manufacturing producuts. The biggest features of using hot dipped galvanized scaffolding planks are small usage of steel tubes used in building the scaffolding frames and high erection ratio.

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