What is the new type of fast build scaffoldding planks made of?

Time: 2019-05-17
Summary: New fast-built scaffolding made of wood.
The new kind scaffolding boards include the main board, the folded side box and the strengthening brace. Hooks are fixed on the scaffolding ledgers, which can improve the stability of the whole plank structure and also the reliability of the scaffolding system. This kind of the fast build skills can be used in the ringlock system,the tubular scaffolding system and the cuplock scaffolding system.

a     Features and advantages of the new scaffolding planks.

b     Unique suspending type which are stable with a sound load bearing capacity.

c     Seamless connection with high safety ratio.

d     Easy to build and construct, no need of other fixation parts.

e     Patented pressed hole design to reduce the weight of the board as well as the scaffolding body.

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