Some ordinary parameters used in the formwork scaffolding.

Time: 2019-05-16
Summary: Tiandi Scaffolding Co., Ltd. Some ordinary parametersabout formwork scaffolding
Scaffold ledger: longitudinal horizontal ledger, i.e. the horizontal tube which can be erected along the longitudinal scaffolding frame.

Small transverse tube: transverse horizontal tube, i.e. the horizontal tube which can be erected along the transverse scaffolding frame.

Longitudinal bottom reinforced tube: close to ground, connect the longitudinal horizontal tube at the bottom o the standing tubes.

Tie members: connecting the scaffold for sale and the building body.

Transverse diagonal braces: crossing connected with the internal and external standing tubes or the horizontal braces. 

Bridging braces: crossing braces in pairs at the external side of the scaffoldings.

Main joints: coupling joints of the standing tubes, the longitudinal horizontal tubes and the transverse horizontal tubes.

For the backing plate which shall be made of wood, its length shall be no more than 2 spans and no smaller than 50mm in thickness and no smaller than 200mm in width. If the standing tubes stand on different ground foundation height, the ones at a higher level shall extend two other spans to fix to other standing tubes with a height tolerance no bigger than 1m.

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