What are the requirements on the indoor scaffolding materials?

Time: 2019-05-16
Summary: The requirements on the indoor scaffolding materials include:Steel tubes、Couplers、Scaffolding planks、Safety dense mesh.
A Steel tubes: all the scaffolding steel tubes shall be in accordance with national standards for the No. 3 ordinary steel tubes in the design of straight seam electrical welded style- GB/T13793 or the welded steel tubes for delivering the low pressure fluid-GB/T3092. Their quality shall comply with the Carbon Element structural steel-GB/T700. And the tubes shall be not punched with holes on them.

B Couplers: the coupler steel scaffolding shall use the welded iron as its raw material which shall be in accordance with the national standards of steel tubular scaffolding couplers GB/15831. When the torsion force reaches 65N on the couplers, the coupler elements shall have no breaks or cracks.

C Scaffolding planks: all the scaffolding for sale planks shall be pressed steel planks with the mass not bigger than 25kg.

D Safety dense mesh: the dense mesh and the big eye safety net shall comply with relevant requirements and regulations. When the whole construction projects enter the stages of wall building, plastering, decoration, the space between standing tubes shall be 1.5m and lift of 1.8m. All the operation platform shall be fully planked with pressed steel planks of a thickness of 50mm.

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