Tips on the calculation regulation of multiple purpose scaffolding erection.

Time: 2019-05-15
Summary: Tips on the calculation regulation of multiple purpose scaffolding erection:Application area,Content included in multi-layer scaffolding
Application area:
In accordance with the calculation regulation of the construction building area, for all the industries which can be calculated for the construction area and the civil construction projects, the quoted projects of the multiple scaffolding shall be practiced.

The multiple scaffolding shall include such elements as follows: In the multiple scaffolding for sale quota projects, there includes the foundation of the construction buildings, the internal and external wall plastering and building, the pouring of the concrete, the suspending of the elements and the scaffoldings used in for the purpose of wall decorating whose working height is over 3.6m and other material staging platform and safety nets. Hence force, when calculating the scaffolding in terms of the construction area, except for such conditions whose erection fees can be calculated additionally, the rest
scaffolding for sale can not be individually calculated any more.

The conditions include the indoor equipment foundation, the large scale pools and grooves, which shall erect the single scaffolding for sale in the construction process according to the construction design or plan and the horizontal and vertical protective frames in the building system.

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