How to choose the installation dimensions and materials of scaffolding

Time: 2019-05-15
Summary: The erection size and material chosen for the scaffolding.
1 The erection size:

a.    For the erection height below 5 stories of a erection height about 15, the scaffolding kinds can be the double line console scaffoldings and if the erection height over 5 floors, scaffolding used can be the cantilevered double lined scaffoldings which can be cantilevered by three parts.
b.    The erection size of the double line console scaffoldings: space between lines can be 1.05m and span can be 1.8m, and the space between standing tubes can be 1.8m.
c.    The erection size of the cantilevered scaffolding for sale: the space between lines can be 1.05m and the span can be 1.8m, the space between standing tubes can be 1.5m. The vertical space between tie members can be 3.0m and the horizontal space shall be 6.0m.

2 The choice of materials:

Steel tubes: the seamless steel tubes shall be 48*3.5mm and the material shall be in accordance with Q235-A technical conditions and requirements. All the couplers can be made of welded iron and their materials shall comply with GB 15831 standards and specifications. 

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