The standard explanation of how to erect console scaffolding.

Time: 2019-05-14
Summary: The standard instructions for how to set up a console scaffold have the following points, including the construction plan and the various items that need to be calculated.
1 The construction plan:

Before the erection of scaffolding for sale, erection plan shall be prepared and schemed according to the features and techniques of the construction projects. And the plan shall include such details as follows: the processing of the soil foundation, the erection requirements, the tube space, and the settlement of the tie members and its connection methods, the unloading of the working loads and the measures of how to strength. All the construction plans after composed shall be signed by technical personnel in charge and report to and approved by the chief monitor of the projects. All the plans shall be targeted and productive in guiding the construction rules, and ascertain the safety measures in the construction process.

2 The calculation design calculation shall include such elements as follows: 
a.    The strength of the elements and accessories bearing the bending working load including the longitudinal and transverse tubes.

b.    The stability of the standing tubes.

c.    The strength ,stability and connection strength of the tie members.

d.   The bearing capacity of the standing tube foundation.

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