Tips for how to erect the scaffolding in a safe way.

Time: 2019-05-14
Summary: An article on tips on how to erect scaffolding in a safe manner.
1.    When erecting the high rise or multi-leveled buildings, there shall be composed the special construction plan and for the erecting height over 50m of the console tubular scaffoldings, cantilevered scaffoldings for sale, the frame scaffoldings and the suspended scaffoldings,  the elevating and escalating scaffoldings, there shall be other special construction plan and calculation for the working load, the strength and the stability.

2.    All the erection and removal works shall be done by personnel with qualification certificates.

3.    The materials used for the building of scaffoldings, construction couplers and fixation elements shall be in accordance with national standards and requirements. Before inspection and acceptance, none of them shall be used and applied.

4.    All the scaffolding shall be built in accordance with national standards and designing requirements. The bridging diagonals shall be set by regulations to connect with construction buildings. And keep the perpendicularity and stability of the whole frame body. And set handrails and nets, standing web, and the ground net and other safety equipments. All the scaffolding for sale planks shall be fully laid out and leaving no gaps between.

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