Requirements on how to secure scaffolding safety and reliability.

Time: 2019-05-10
Summary: The article contains five Requirements on how to secure scaffolding safety and reliability.
When removing the scaffoldings, line out the working area and set up fence or warning marks around the area. There shall be special personnel to manage and commander; any non working staff shall not be allowed to enter.

1.   The workers who are removing the frames at height shall wear safety helmets and safety belts.

2.   The dismantling order shall be from the downside to the upside and later dismantle the one which is erected earlier and first removing the erection earlier, i.e. removing from the hurdles, the scaffolding planks, the bridging legers, the diagonals ,the big transverse tubes to the standing tubes in the scaffolding system. 

3.   It is forbidden to the remove at the same time the lower and higher levels.

4.   During the dismantlement, it is forbidden to break the windows, the doors, the glass, the pipes, the eaves, and ditches on the ground.

5.   All the dismantled materials shall be tied and bundled to send downside by pulleys. It is forbidden to throw. And all of them shall be stacked and stored at the right places by kinds.

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