Requirements on how to erect the spigot scaffoldings.

Time: 2019-05-09
Summary: Requirements on how to erect the spigot scaffoldings.
Scaffolding with spigots are the scaffold kind with spigot connection between the connection base plate on the standing tubes and the spigots on the transverse tubes. ADG series modules scaffolding are among such scaffolding kinds which is imported from France.

For such scaffolding kind from scaffold store, it has many sockets, spigots and pins with various specifications. Each scaffolding unit has different names and titles. Here below is the ADG spigot scaffolding.

1. Standing tubes: on the outside of the steel tubes, every some distance, be welded U pins in the four directions.

2. Flat tubes: Be welded with C pins at the two ends of the steel tubes.

3. Transverse tubes: press and squash the steel tubes and open holes on it, connect to the standing tubes with U pins.

4. Adjustable head jack and base plate: the adjustable head jack is made up of the u shape steel plate, the tube rod tubes, the welded iron bolts. And the base plate is made up of the steel plate, the tube rod tubes and the welded iron bolts.

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