How many galvanization processes are used in the frame scaffolding system?

Time: 2019-05-06
Summary: How many galvanization processes are used in the frame scaffolding system?
The galvanization process used in the ringlock system scaffolding elements can be divided into such kinds as follows: the hot dipped galvanization, the entire cold galvanization, the segmentary cold galvanization, and the anti-rust treatment. Different galvanization treatments needs different kinds of precautions and relative processing crafts also differ accordingly. The working time of each galvanization process differs from each other accordingly, that of the entire body galvanization is five years and there is no need to do any maintenance work so the cost is relatively low.

The major galvanization process details include following contents: Galvanizing each scaffolding part after all of them are welded and galvanizing each ringlock scaffolding part.

There will be five years round of using time and surface treating time, so there is a large market occupation.  The segmentary galvanization details: galvanization goes ahead of the welding and paint silver powder at the welding part as the welded part is easy to be rustic. The segmental galvanization kind cost less than that of the entire body galvanization, so its market occupation is relatively small in the ringlock scaffolding industry.

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