What are the specifications of the scaffolding tube couplers?

Time: 2019-04-30
Summary: What are the specifications of the scaffolding tube couplers?
The scaffolding system is becoming various and has multiple kinds along with its long development history. The couplers used in the tubular scaffolding can be divided into two kinds, and the steel tubes are important parts in the tubular scaffolding systems.

 Every meter of the scaffolding tubes is 3.97kg in weight and 3.6mm in thickness and they are matching used with the scaffolding couplers.
1. The first kind of the couplers such as the scaffold right angle coupler are 48mm in the outside diameter and 3.5mm in the wall thickness;
2. The other one is 51mm in the outside diameter and 3mm in the wall thickness.

And they can be used on different tubes which are named differently according to different installation place and function, including the standing tubes, the horizontal scaffolding tubes, and the bottom reinforcing tubes. All the scaffolding tubes shall be 48.3*3.6mm and each of the tubes shall be no more than 25.8kg in weight. All these elements contribute to the scaffolding advantages of higher capacity of anti-rupture, anti-skid, anti-deformity and defrost.

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