How to set the tie members in the scaffolding system?

Time: 2019-04-30
Summary: How to set the tie members in the scaffolding system?
Try to keep in mind how the determine the number of the tie members in the scaffolding system: the longitudinal space is every floor and the transverse space is 4 spans.

Points on how to set the tie members:
1. Try to close to the main joints and the space deviating to the main joints shall be no more than 300mm.
2. Shall start the set on the first span longitudinal horizontal tubes at the bottom level.
3. Shall be set in the forms of rectangle, diamond and square.
4. The two ends of the I shape scaffoldings and the open scaffoldings shall be set with tie members and the vertical space from the tie members to the buildings shall be smaller than the height of the building story below 4m or 2 spans.

Use rigid tie members to connect to the buildings by pre-buried 12 steel reinforcing tubes and the connection of the steel bars and the scaffolding pipes shall be matching with that of the tie members.

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