Double tubing standing tubes used in the scaffolding system.

Time: 2019-04-29
Summary: Double tubing standing tubes used in the scaffolding system.
With the fast development of the construction industry and the fast proceedings of the urbanization, more and more high rise buildings are erupted in all the big and small municipal cities and has becoming the main stream of city construction process.

But in the real construction projects, there is a height limitation for the single tube floor double line scaffolding, which can not satisfy the construction requirements and needs. For the working site whose basic wind pressure reaches 500n/m2 has a B leveled coarse ground surface, the setting of tubes are listed below: standing tubes longitudinal space is 1.5m, and transverse space is 1.05m. The longitudinal space between tie members * the horizontal space shall be equal to the storey height*4.5m.

The double tubular standing tube system.
The system shall employ the composite load bearing way of transverse mild steel tube and the internal big transverse tube shall be connected by rectangular or swivel couplers to the small flat tubes. And the small flat tubes shall be connected to one of the standing scaffolding tube in the double tubing system. The big flat tubes on both sides shall be connected to the two standing tubes in the double tubing standing tubes by right angle couplers.

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