The regulated coding of scaffolding tubes in the application.

Time: 2019-04-28
Summary: The regulated coding of scaffolding tubes in the application.
The tubes used in the erection of frames of the house repairing quota are also called the scaffolding tubes, whose category includes the general scaffolding, the big building scaffolding, the high-rise building scaffolding, the independent residential scaffolding, the front and backward courtyard scaffolding, the wide row scaffolding, the balcony scaffolding, the downpipe scaffolding, the building mast scaffolding ,the building chimney scaffolding ,the full hall scaffolding. The relevant quota of scaffolding type shall be adopted when preparing a budget for different type of residential housing types. 

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of scaffolding quota in all the scaffolding systems:

1. In the comprehensive scaffolding construction, there is no actual building drawing. If the same position in the construction and installation projects need to use the multi-scaffolding quota principle, there shall be no other scaffolding erection projects as the former scaffolding kind is highly cost.
2. The outer scaffold including the elements of galvanized scaffolding pipe for saleis for the construction of outer wall and the inner scaffolding is for the inner one. But for the erection of the civil buildings and ground construction, the inner scaffolding can not be used. 

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