How to check the safety techniques of scaffoldings?

Time: 2019-04-28
Summary: How to check the safety techniques of scaffoldings?
In order to optimize the scaffolding safety in its erection, application and dismantlement, there are requirements about the usage of the scaffolding listing as follows:

There shall be complete designs for the erection, the application and dismantlement of the tubular scaffoldings, specifying the fundamental base, structural construction and tie members designs. What’s more, there shall carry out re-checking and verification of its working load capacity. According to the requirements, the scaffolding shall set diagonals, bridging braces, tie members or tie braces, and supporting braces or puling tubes. Take strengthening measures around the passages or opening where bear working load exceeding designed limits.

The connection joints between the scaffolding shall be reliable and sturdy to make sure all the installation and usage of the tie members shall be in accordance with requirements. The scaffolding system shall be equipped with safety measures and there shall be no gaps between planks and the maximum gaps the scaffolds and the wall shall be no more than 20mm. The square steel tubing can be adopted in the whole tubular scaffolding system to make the building side facing streets a full closure during the whole construction period.

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