How to inspect and accept the door frame scaffolding?

Time: 2019-04-26
Summary: How to inspect and accept the door frame scaffolding?
A discreet checking of the erected scaffolding shall be done according to the regulated requirements.

The door frame scaffolding structure shall comply with the planned requirements and designs. For the changes of some special frame parts, the size tolerance shall be adjusted within allowable ranges. The connection between the joints shall be reliable and sturdy and the torsion of the couplers shall be <40-60NM. The vertical ratio of the standing tubes shall be no more than 1/300 in the steel frame scaffolding system and the maximum vertical tolerance shall be within effective control.

The horizontal tolerance of the longitudinal steel flat tubes shall be no more than 1/250 and the total frame length horizontal tolerance shall be no more than 50mm. The planking and protective measures on the working platform shall also in accordance with the above requirements. The frame scaffolding shall be routinely checked and inspected to see if there is any nullification. Only approval received can they be put into application.

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