Tips of erecting and using of the construction frame scaffolding.

Time: 2019-04-26
Summary: Tips of erecting and using of the construction frame scaffolding.
The erection of construction frame scaffolding shall comply with requirements as follows:
All the braces used in the frame scaffolding system shall be connected by steel couplers rather than any other lead wires or materials. The erection of the scaffolding tubes shall not mix the material of steel and wood. 
frame scaffolding

If the frame scaffolding tubes fall down onto the refilled land soil, the ground base shall be stamped smoothly. There shall backed with 200mm thick base plates at the standing tube bottom and drainage ditches around the outside scaffolding frames to ensure there is enough load bearing capacity in the ground base, avoiding any sinking down accidents of the whole or parts of the scaffolding frames. 

Before the erection or building starts, check and inspect all the scaffolding braces or elements of the scaffolding to avoid any use of unqualified braces or accessories. Setting the boundary lines, backing planks, base plates or ordinate standing tubes according to the construction design. The building of the peripheral scaffolding shall start from one corner to two sides.

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