The Reason Cause Scaffolding Frames Topple Down.

Time: 2019-04-22
Summary: The Reason Cause Scaffolding Frames Topple Down.
It has been discovered according to the site researches and large amount of accumulated data that the reasons why the scaffolding accidents happen lie in the log behind of the administration mechanism, the lack of acknowledgement of the construction entity, the careless design of the formwork and the scaffolding systems. What’s more, the lack of strength and stability of the scaffolding system can also contribute to the scaffolding site accidents.

The disqualified construction materials: according the requirements, the steel tubes shall be 48*3.5 welded regular carbon steel tube or 48*2.5 low alloy steel tubes. But for sake of market margin and benefit, most of the businessmen choose to calculate the steel tube in thickness of 3.5mm, which can cause a loss of 10% torque force.

The temporary bracing erection: during the whole construction project, the scaffolding bracing galvanized frame scaffolding accounts for only a small part of the whole projects and most of the entities are not willing to use new kinds of scaffold products for more benefits in a shorter term. Instead they will use the most used cuplock scaffoldings.

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