Vertical Cuplock Scaffolding

Time: 2019-04-19
Summary: Vertical Cuplock Scaffolding
TIANDI supplies the best Vertical Cuplock scaffolding inChina. Vertical cuplock is for quick fastening in a horizontal manner. 4 Horizontal bars can be attached at one time for firm clamping. It has benefits like assembling & dismantling, thus saving much time and labor.

The CUPLOCK standards are the vertical elements of the system scaffold. Manufactured from high yield steel tube, 48.3mm diameter by 3.2mm wall thickness. They incorporate fixed lower cups and 0.5m vertical centers with a captive free upper cup to form horizontal connections to up to four other components from the system. The lowest connection is some 80mm from the standards base and there is a fixed spigot to the top to allow connections to other standards with a locking nut to allow the development of tensile forces.
Finish Available: Self Finish | Painted | Hot Dip Galvanized

TIANDI is one of the best Vertical Cuplock scaffolding manufacturer in China. It is one of the top scaffolding companies in China. TIANDI provides all types of Scaffolding solutions under ISO 9001:2008 Standards & Bureau of China Standards (BIS). TIANDI keeps on upgrading itself with R&D activities and latest technology. 

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