What are the right ways to set the scaffolding planks?

Time: 2019-04-18
Summary: What are the right ways to set the scaffolding planks?
When doing the structure construction, the portable stage platform shall be planked along the longitudinal side in a cohesive, sturdy, stable, solid and even way. If there are gaps, the space of the gaps shall be no more than 50mm and the space for the small flat tubes protruding to the body of the wall shall also be fully planked away from the wall body about 100-150mm.

For the scaffolding material belongs to bamboo, the size of the scaffolding plank shall be 3000*250*50mm and it shall be set on the four horizontal tubes. And the planks can be connected in a butting way or extended way. For the butting connection, there shall set two horizontal tubes at the connection heads and extension length of the scaffolding shall be 130-150mm.

The total extension length of the two scaffolding planks shall be no more than 300mm. If the scaffolding planks connected overlapping, the connection heads shall be supported on the transverse tubes and the extension length shall be more than 200mm. And its protruding length over the transverse tube shall be no more than 100mm.

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