The composition of the frame scaffolding and its working principle.

Time: 2019-04-17
Summary: The composition of the frame scaffolding and its working principle.
The elements of the frame scaffolding are assorting provided. Its original design of the scaffolding board has two ring hooks, which are indispensible in the delivering the horizontal force when connecting the frame scaffolding flat tubes. However, in China, there is the tradition to use wood scaffolding board, or the used aluminum scaffold board in rare conditions. 

So in order to meet the real working conditions, some of the construction entities change to use the 48*3.5 steel tubes as the force deliverance tubes in the transverse structure. The vertical support system of the frame scaffoldings is realized by the cross bracings, which adopt the tensile type braces so the bracing tubes functions in the same way of the crossing braces.  The calculation of the working force in this supporting system will only take into consideration the dragging force but not the pressure force imposed on it. 

The frame will sustain the construction load and the wind load, the construction load will be passed to the beams and then to the ground through standing tubes. The wind load will be passed to the main frame body through the standing tubes and the tie members.

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