What are the fundamental requirements on the design of the scaffolding?

Time: 2019-04-16
Summary: What are the fundamental requirements on the design of the scaffolding?
There are some regular requirements on the scaffold product even though they are provided by different scaffolding products manufacturers.
A   For the important scaffolding project type, the specialized construction plan shall be scheduled and work out the safety measures to make sure the full security and safety of the scaffolding works.

B   For the erection height over 25cm, the scaffolding shall use tubular scaffolding types and building height of the scaffolding tube shall be controlled within 50cm. For the erection height more than 50m, the scaffolding kind shall be double tube kind scaffolding and take use of wire steel to cantilevered drag or unload the working load by phases and stories. There shall also be additional specialized design.

C  The scaffolding design shall meet the real construction requirement and mark its applications, the maximum static working load, the maximum live working load and the bearing capacity of horizontal load. All the design diameters and elements chosen shall be in line with national safety standards and technical specifications.

D  If there is any need to alter the original structure of the scaffolding or its height or width, or for some other applications, there shall receive the approval and acceptance from and by the technical department.

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