What is the height of the fast build frame scaffolding?

Time: 2019-04-15
Summary: What is the height of the fast build frame scaffolding?
For the sake of working safety, the fast build frame scaffolding has a height limitation when they are erected, including the aluminum fast erected scaffolding, which can help to solve the hard working duty problems at height. The erection height can be determined according to the real demands and there are three height specifications: 2.32m, 1.856m and 1.392m. Such scaffolding kinds have wide and narrow two kinds, the narrow kinds can be erected in a narrow space on the ground, which can solve the working problems at the corner and in the stairs.

As a qualified scaffolding manufacturing company, TIANDI give your such advantages of the aluminum scaffolding products as follows:
Light weighted than any other traditional scaffolding tubes ;
Fast and easy to erect and build ,can be movable ;
Building stock system design in the whole structure to save the use of installation tools.

The connection strength of the part connection is high enough as the application of expansion outside and compression inside. The tensile ration of the scaffolding joints can be 4100-4400kg.

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