Tips for how to prepare for the erection of scaffolding.

Time: 2019-04-15
Summary: Tips for how to prepare for the erection of scaffolding.
What the scaffolding importers shall know is that the elements quality of the scaffolding shall be checked and accepted according to the standards of the steel tubes, the couplers, the toe boards and the base plates. Only quality approved can they be put into use. All the erection of the scaffolding shall be inspected by phases and rectify if there is any problems or disqualification.

When the scaffolding is erected, there shall be an overall check conducted by the technical department and the quality safety inspectors.Only the check is approved by those departments and personnel mentioned above can the product put into practice. It is forbidden for other non-staff except the erectors to climb on the frames that has been failed the inspection and acceptance. It is forbidden to alter or rectify the scaffolding frames once they have been checked qualified. If there is need to alter part of them, approval shall be received from the technicians and conduction carried out by erectors.

The tie joints between the scaffolding body and the building shall be fastened and sturdy and the space between them shall be designed according to the requirements.

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