Requirements on the construction of high rise out scaffoldings

Time: 2019-04-12
Summary: Requirements on the construction of high rise out scaffoldings
Requirements on the couplers of the scaffolds for sale.
The couplers include the right angular couplers, the swivel couplers, the butting couplers with its elements, the T shape bolts, the nuts and the cushions.

According to relevant requirements speculated in the GB978-67 the forgeable iron category and its technical requirements, the mechanical property of the couplers and its elements shall be no lower than that of KT33-8 forged iron and the elements shall comply with the GB700-79 A3 requirements. There shall be no damage in the couplers of the scaffoldings when the torque force reaches as much as 68N·m.

The layout of the standing planes in the scaffolding system.
The lift between the big flat tubes shall be 1800mm and the flat tubes upside and downside shall be staggered in layout with the staggering space no less than 1/3 of the longitudinal space. The handrails shall be set horizontally on the span frame at 1.2 m above the ground. For the erection height over 24m, the scaffold shall be fully bridging braced and connected with each alongside the overall height. The diagonals and the standing tubes shall be fastened with swivel couplers with an intersection angle of 45-60 to the horizontal tubes.

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