General view of the application of the scaffolding projects.

Time: 2019-04-11
Summary: General view of the application of the scaffolding projects.
The steel scaffolding can be categorized into three kinds, the fixed group scaffolding, the movable scaffolding and the cantilevered scaffolding, amongwhich the fixed group scaffolding also includes the steel tube scaffolding and the frame scaffolding, and single tube scaffolding is the nickname for the former one which has been widely applied in the globe. The scaffolding can also be divided and grouped by different connection means.

They are the coupler scaffolding, the spigot scaffolding and other kinds. The shape of the frame scaffolding which has been widely used in Americas and Japan includes the frame shape, the stair shape and the triangle shape. Below is the simple introduction of the scaffolding system with spigots applied in China. As one of the single steel tube scaffolding, the spigot scaffolding has a similar structure to the coupler steel tubes scaffolding, which is made up of the main tube, the flat tube, the diagonal tube, the adjustable bracket.

Then what is the difference?
The only difference lies in the connection between the main tube and the transverse tube, the diagonal tube and the diagonal tubes. The coupler has been replaced by the sockets welded on the main tubes and spigots will be welded on each tube. Insert each spigot into the socket will make the scaffold of each size assembly.

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