What is the ringlock scaffolding composed of?

Time: 2019-04-09
Why the ringlock scaffolding becomes the most popular scaffolding product in the building projects? Then let’s come to reach the bottom of the reasons.

1. The standing tubes
The standing tubes in the ringlock scaffolding system are welded with a coupler plate every 0.60m and attached with a connecting cover at the bottom of the tubes.

2. The ringlock scaffolding diagonal.
The ringlock scaffolding diagonal is composed of spigots and steel tubes which has pins welded on two ends.

3. The horizontal diagonal tubes.
The horizontal diagonal tubes have the same structure as the transverse tubes except the difference in the length and the function they have in the installation of the opposite corner in the plan frames.

4. The adjustable head jack and the base plate.
The adjustable head jack consists of the U steel plate, the pipe threaded tubes, the welded bolts while the adjustable base plate is made up of the steel plate, the pipe threaded tubes, the welded bolts. The elements of the ringlock scaffolding include the scaffolding boards, the stairs, the cantilever beams, the spanning beams, the movable round plates and the couplers to be connected to the ringlock plates.

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