Brief info of the function of the ringlock scaffolding

Time: 2019-04-09
The ringlock scaffolding is an upgraded product of cuplock scaffolding, whose scaffolding galvanized ringlock brackets are 123mm in diameter and 10mm thickness. There are eight holes on the rings and the φ48*3.5mm Q235 steel tubes are made as the main elements. The standing tubes in the ringlock  scaffolding system are welded with a ring every 0.60m to connect the spigots with connecting cover at the bottom in such innovative an aesthetic way.  There are many transverse tubes in the system, which are composed of spigots with pins on both the tube ends.

Such kind of ringlock scaffolding can be used in the construction projects such as the bridging, the tunnel, the factory plant, the viaduct tower, the power plant, the oil refinery factory and other special plant design. What’s more, it can also be used in the construction of the spanning sheds, the storage rack, the chimney, the water tower and the outdoor decoration. You can also find its application in the concert stage, the background frame of the stage, the auditorium, the watching stand, the stair system and the stands of the sports meetings.

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